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Artwork showing musical notes.
Edvard Grieg

Organized in 1915, the Grieg Ladies Singing Society was named after Edvard Grieg, composer and founder of the Norwegian nationalist school of music.

Over their many years, the Grieg Ladies have sung in venues both large and small in the area. They assisted in the program for a lecture tour of the late Roald Amundsen. They took part in the dedication program of Chicago's Leif Eriksen Drive. They have sung in Orchestra Hall as guests of the Sunday Evening Club, at the Tribune Music Festival, at the Cook County Fair, the Chicago World's Fair, the Museum of Science and Industry and in the rotunda of the James Thompson Building. They have sung at both the festival and

anniversary of the U.N., at a McCormick Place luncheon in honor of the visit of the Crown Prince of Norway, and have sung at the 25th anniversary celebration of the Illinois Norsk Rosemalers in Geneva Illinois.

In 1997 they were the recipients of a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, and agency of the State of Illinois.

Past directors have been:
Mathilde Huseby
Joel Mossberg
Otto Clausen
Earl Bichel
Kai Hendriksen
Mette Spies
Wayne Spies
Mila Nolan

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